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Surf Lessons

Paddle Boards and Surf Tours

  • $50 Surf Lessons ( 1 Hour, Private Instructor) 20% off ( 2 People )
  • $20 Paddle Board Rentals ( 2 Hours)

Surf Instructor: Mark Philips
Phone: 7267-9217

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What We Offer for You

For the last 10 years, we have developed a range of services targeting all types of surfers: high levels and beginners, women, children, tourists, parents or just beach lovers.

Surf Breaks South of Marbella

PLAYA OSTEONAL – This beach offers several different surf breaks along a long stretch of coastline. it is a home to one of the largest turtle nesting sites in the world. 20 minute drive from Marbella.


Peak Season

  • March to August – Moderate strong swell activity with high consistency

Shoulder Season

  • September to February – Moderate swell activity with average consistency
  • Average air temperature 84ºF / Average water temperature 80 – 82ºF (Board Shorts all year round)

Camping & Boat Trips

OLLIES POINT – This right hand point break was made famous in the surf classic, “The Endless Summer 2.” It is a long and friendly right point. Bring your long sleeve vest or spring suit – the wind and water can get chilly.

WITCHES ROCK (ROCA BRUJA) – Located on the beautiful coast of the Parque Nacional Santa Rosa, Roca Bruja / Witches Rock is an excellent beach break that offers very hollow tubes and many offshore days for perfect conditions. Witches Rock is boat accessible during the wet season and car accessible during the dry season.

The Marbella Surf Inn offers camping and boat trips to Witches Rock
depending on the swell and weather forecast. Ask your MSI representative for more details.

In the town of Marbella

MARBELLA (PLAYA FRIJOLAR) – Long left point with a channel for easy paddle outs, great wave for beginners and intermediate surfers.

MARBELLA (PLAYA COCO) – Excellent beach break with very hollow A-Frame barreling lefts and rights. The swell window for Marbella is excellent for south, southwest, north and northwest swell directions. Offshore winds are frequent and the locals are very welcoming to visitors.

Surf Breaks North of Marbella

PLAYA TAMARINDO – Fun beach break when a strong swell is in. River mouth and sand bars create waves for all levels of surfing. 1 hour drive from Marbella.

PLAYA AVELLANAS – Has several breaks for all levels of surfing. Beautiful beach and seaside dining. 25 minute drive from Marbella.

PLAYA NEGRA – Just South of Playa Avellanas is one of the best waves in Costa Rica. The right point break of Playa Negra is a world class surf spot that holds solid swell. It was made popular in the classic surf film, “Endless Summer 2.”. Experienced surfers only. 30 minute drive from Marbella.

Marbella Surf Shack

A new addition at the Marbella Surf Inn is the Marbella Surf Shack, which offers affordable shared accommodation for surfers and backpackers at a rate of $10 per night per person.